A Few Site Updates

The GAMES page has been updated with a new layout and a few new additions. I changed the old vertical style sorting to a grid formation with smaller images so you can see almost everything without needing to scroll (if you have a decent sized monitor). I also bumped the games page up to the top of the menus to reflect the current focus of Phantom Green: GAME DEV. I added my latest Ludum Dare entry (no dedicated page yet… judging period is still in effect) as well as the two Dream Team games.

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Ludum Dare 28 – Rad Game Roundup


The RAD GAME ROUNDUP returns as I show off TWENTY of my personal favorite games from Ludum Dare, the worldwide weekend-long game development jam that captured my heart so long ago. This time, the theme was “YOU ONLY GET ONE” so developers had to come up with a way to incorporate that into the game. With something like TWO THOUSAND games submitted, there’s no way I can play all of ‘em. There’s also no way YOU can play all of ‘em, so I’m here to point you in the direction of … Continue reading


Some design changes are coming this week along with several articles and a few page updates.

Gonna release a post-compo for my Ludum Dare 28 game as well as the usual RAD GAME ROUNDUP… and even a beveled pixel art tutorial.

I’m also going to fix the ugly ass games page, add an art section, and add the DREAM TEAM game pages with EcoStar vs Aeronox and The Old Man and the NSA.


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